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The History of Branding

Dating back to 2700 BC, branding originally referred to a “permanent ownership mark” that distinguished one animal from another for purposes of identification (by way of a hot iron or freeze branding). It was used as a deterrent to theft and to find lost or stolen animals.

Over the years, these distinguishable icons became a “readable language” to identify livestock brands. A good brand was/is one that is distinctive, simple, and readily recognized.

The connection between branding then and today’s definition has a common thread…to create a brand that can be easily identified and recognized by others.

The Branding Process

Be it for Business or Personal Branding, we work with you one-on-one to identify all of your features, determine the benefits these features provide your target audience, differentiate what you have to offer from your competition by unearthing your competitive edge, strategize the value proposition and return on investment that your benefits offer your target audience, and strategically develop your brand message and image around this value proposition.

“Branding is the intangible sum
of a product’s attributes: its name,
packaging, and price, its history,
its reputation, and the way it’s
advertised (based on) its consumer.”


“The Father of Advertising” 


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Experience has shown that even the most dynamic and compelling marketing communications cannot overcome a flawed marketing strategy. We work with you to formulate an effective strategy that targets the right market with the right message in the right way and ensure the various components of your marketing endeavor complement each other to successfully brand you.


We know just what it takes—be it writing, design, illustration, photography, or printing techniques—to make your marketing communications look great! We provide creative solutions to all your branding and marketing challenges.


Gaining an understanding of your business or career and your target audience is the key to a successful campaign. Our goal is the same as your goal: your total satisfaction with our marketing materials  to help you or your business grow.

We help you identify, define, and build your brand so you can achieve business or career growth with a high return on your investment.

Business Branding

At Creative Image, we meld creative design with effective writing and imagery to produce successful branding materials that target your audience, and capitalize on your competitive edge, value proposition, and ROI to help your business grow.

Includes: Logos & Tag Lines, Website Content & Design, Brochures & Catalogs, Advertising, Stationery, Photo Retouching, more.


Branding is critical to your success—be it Business Branding for your business or Personal Branding for your career. Creative Image Builders helps to position you in the top percentage in your field of expertise through successful marketing communications that catch the eye, engage the mind, and get positive results.

Each marketing component is designed to build or enhance your image with a mission to help your business or career grow.

Creative Image has been creating business-building marketing communications and interview-generating resumes since 1990. Combining visionary strategy, creative talent, and marketing-savvy content to identify, define, and market your brand resulting in effective marketing strategy and winning print and web communications to move your business or career forward.

Business & Personal Branding



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Personal Branding

Personal Branding is essential to achieve career success, but most people find it difficult to apply it to themselves.

This is true because it is difficult for people to relate to themselves as a product and because they are not use to comparing themselves to others insofar as what they do better than a counterpart. As a result, people tend to underestimate their value. Without a value proposition, we cannot properly brand ourselves. 

For resumes, cover letters, web portfolios, personally branded bios, LinkedIn profiles, and career coaching, Creative Image Builders will help position you in the top percentage of candidates who receive calls for interviews so you can get hired much faster than your competition. Having a Personal Brand will also help you sell yourself to prospective employers and increase your salary potential.

Includes: Resume Writing, Web Portfolios