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Evelyn Salvador's creative image-building talents include business and personal branding, website development, product innovation, graphic design, authoring, photography, fine art, and even interior design—all of which are available here.

While many of these creative forms may seem unrelated, they are not to a creative person at heart. Evelyn believes in not only meeting, but exceeding, her client and customer needs in all of these endeavors by helping you achieve more than you ever thought possible. Understanding all the unique touch-points of each client is essential to her business. As CEO, she focuses on building reliable connections, amazing results, and trusted experiences that are as useful as they are memorable.

Evelyn's got you covered. Let's do great things together!

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With an ad agency and business branding background, Evelyn Salvador started her business in 1990 creating high-impact self-promotions for businesses that helped them brand their business and increase their sales.

When asked to write resumes, she branded them as she did other marketing materials, and doing so positioned jobseekers in the top percentage in their field of expertise. This visionary concept was decades before it’s time and as such, Evelyn became a Personal Branding Pioneer seven years before the term was coined.

Along the way, she transitioned into pursuing her life’s passion of art and photography. As an artist since youth, she worked in pencil, pen and ink, pastels, and acrylics and has taken photos for as long as she can remember.

Now she enjoys creating her art digitally where she unleashes her photography and artistic talents in combination with her Master’s Level Photoshop expertise to transform photos into wonderful works of art.

As a visionary thought leader, Evelyn developed multiaward-winning career products that help position jobseekers in the top 2%. And in her passion for photography and art, she launched innovative new products for photographers, artists, and designers that help them create innovatively.

The Creative Image Builder

Evelyn Salvador is a collective Creative Image Builder in many genres (thus her business name) because her talents lie in all forms of image building—including business branding and personal branding, creative direction, authoring and content writing, website development, product development, photography, fine art, and virtual interior design.

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The Business Branding Strategist & Creative Director

After working for a top ad agency for four years and a printing firm prior—both as a Graphic Designer, Evelyn started her own practice in 1990 creating all types of Business Branding materials that increase sales, including ads, logos, stationery, brochures, catalogs, fliers, books, postcards, presentations, and more.

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The Personal Branding Pioneer

When asked by friends to do their resumes, Evelyn figured she'd give it a shot. When they immediately received interview calls time and again, she first chalked it up to luck but later realized it was because she was applying the same branding methods in her personal branding as she did for her business clients. And that's when she became a Personal Branding Pioneer. She later became a Certified Resume Writer and Internationally Certified Job and Career Transition Coach and one of the world's leading professional resume writers.


The Product Innovator

Evelyn started developing Resume Products for the career industry in 1998 when the Presidents of the National Resume Writers' Association and Career Directors International both asked her to share with other resume writers the tools she created for use with her own clients. Her multiaward-winning products are used worldwide by professional resume writers, career coaches, the military, Departments of Labor, colleges, libraries, and jobseekers. And in 2020 after five years in the making, Evelyn brought her creative innovations to the photography, art, and graphic design world by developing products that are found nowhere else, including Photo Image Clips, Digital Picture Frames, and Bay Window Murals.

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The Published Author & Content Developer

When her first book, Step-by-Step Resumes: Build an Outstanding Resume in 10 Easy Steps was published by JIST Publishing in 2008 and did well, the publisher asked her to write Step-by-Step Cover Letters, which was published in 2010. Since then, Evelyn has had 5 more career books published and is in the throes of creating Step-by-Step Resumes books for every profession.

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The Photographer

Evelyn has taken pleasure in Photography throughout her life. She especially enjoys shooting landscapes and seascapes as well as creating panoramic composites using multiple photos to create digital art by applying her Master’s Level Photoshop expertise to transform ordinary photos into wonderful works of art. Evelyn’s mission is to celebrate life in art form through beautiful photo creations that are artistically rendered.

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The Artist

Evelyn's creative talents lie in the arts in all forms including painting, illustrating, sketching, and digital art. She especially enjoys drawing and painting portraits, still lifes, and scenery and has made her Fine Art available for purchase on this site. Alternatively, she can be commissioned to create wonderful works of art to meet your business or personal needs.

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The Virtual Interior Designer

Interior Design is yet another creative avenue that Evelyn truly enjoys working on. Take a look at her interior designs below where she recreated her office environment with three desks for additional contractors whenever needed. She can design any home or office space for you or your business.

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